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As a leading recruitment company, we know that finding the right candidate is about more than what’s listed on a resume. In fact, the best employees offer soft skills and intangibles that make them a perfect fit. To that end, businesses need to take steps to ensure all their workers are truly right for the job.

Keep reading to discover Accurate Personnel’s top four tactics for ensuring your candidate is ready and able.

1. Start With a Phone Interview

Interviewing prospective employees takes a lot of effort and energy. If you want to minimize wasted time while ensuring you find the best candidate for the job, start out by talking to candidates on the phone. This initial call is a good time to discuss factors like salary, work history, and company culture. If the interview subject isn’t a good fit, don’t bother bringing them in for a second meeting. 

2. Invite Them to Ask Questions

Hiring managers often make the mistake of hitting candidates with a barrage of questions. While asking employees questions is important, you also need to give them time to share their comments and concerns. In general, job seekers who are truly enthusiastic about the position will come in prepped with intelligent and thoughtful questions, so invite them to share their ideas. 

3. Consider Culture

Finding the right employee isn’t just about reading a CV and checking off a list of skills. You also want to ensure your candidate fits well with the company culture. One of the best ways to see if a potential hire will work well with the team is to have them meet with multiple staff members. Explain a little about how you do things and watch to assess their reactions. 

4. Assess Their Interpersonal Skills

It’s not enough to see how workers interact with hiring managers and supervisors. You also want to know how they treat people in less prestigious positions. For best results, pay attention to how your potential hires talk to receptionists, interns, and valets as well.

Choose the Right Job Candidate the First Time

Family owned and operated, Accurate Personnel believes in treating companies like partners. To that end, we work hard to help you evaluate your job candidates expertly and appropriately. And because we have a national reach, you can rest assured we’ll find the perfect employee for your open position the first time, every time. To learn more about our award-winning staffing services, call today, or contact our team online. 


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