The Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Firm

Wondering how your new hire will perform over the long term? The truth is that the first few months of an employee’s tenure have a significant effect on their long-term success or failure. To that end, companies need to take steps to set their workers up for success. Learn how you can ensure your next hire stays with you for the long haul. 


Start Onboarding Early

Many businesses make the mistake of starting the onboarding process too late. If you want to boost workers’ odds of success, begin onboarding prior to the first day. Along with sending administrative paperwork ahead of their start date, you should prepare your internal team for a new employee. They should gather all important information, such as logins and best practices documents. You should also provide information in writing, so new hires have a resource to turn to in the event that they have questions or concerns. 


Focus on Company Culture

It’s natural to want to load up new employees with facts and figures. However, companies sometimes fail to create a positive impression during this stressful time. For example, you can ensure workers feel welcome by arranging for team meetings, lunches, and activities to introduce them to their peers. Additionally, you can set each new hire up with a mentor in their department. This person will be tasked with answering their questions and shepherding them through the onboarding process.


Set Achievable Goals

It’s hard for new hires to succeed if they don’t know what success looks like. To give your new workers the best chance at fitting in, make sure they understand their responsibilities from the start. You can also help workers by setting goals for them that are clear and achievable. As a bonus, these small wins will ensure your new employees feel comfortable and confident in their roles. 


Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Recruitment Needs 

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