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A resume is often your one chance to make a positive impression, so it’s only logical that you’d want to include as many skills and abilities as possible. Unfortunately, listing the wrong information on a resume can actually do job seekers more harm than good. Here are some tips on items to leave off your resume if you want to boost your odds of landing the position. 


1. Objectives

Resume objectives are widely regarded as old-fashioned; after all, the fact that you’re applying for shows your interest in the position. For best results, leave this space-taking item off your resume.


2. Old Jobs

Your resume is an opportunity to share your experience. However, that doesn’t mean including every job you’ve ever held. Feel free to leave off that high school babysitting job or internship you held after college, provided that it’s not relevant to the role for which you’re applying.


3. Hobbies

Many job seekers are tempted to list hobbies on their resume as a way of helping hiring managers get to know them. However, companies don’t generally care about this information unless it’s connected in some way to the role. 


4. References

Many employers want potential hires to send in references. Still, there’s no need to take up resume space with this information. Instead, wait until the company asks to send in your references and be sure to alert the people recommending you ahead of time. 


5. Lies

Lying on a resume might seem like a good idea, but the truth is it’s not worth it. After all, if you get caught in a lie before or after being hired, there’s a good chance you’ll lose the job anyway. 

You should also avoid exaggerating your experience or fibbing about how long you held a role or position. 


6. Outdated Skills

Including skills on a resume is a smart practice, but you should make sure the skills you’re listing are appropriate and relevant to the role. For example, most companies will already assume you know how to type and use Microsoft Word programs. For best results, only include skills that will help you stand out in a competitive applicant field.


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