Advantages to Hiring Internally

Companies naturally want to find the best people for all their open positions. To ensure workers meld well with their existing teams, businesses tend to seek new hires they believe will fit in well with the company culture. Unfortunately, hiring exclusively for cultural fit can hold your company back from achieving its goals. Keep reading to learn how hiring just for culture can backfire. 


Inaccurate Interview Personas

It’s no secret that job candidates tend to be on their best behavior during an interview. After all, they want to make a good impression on the person doing the hiring. While you obviously don’t want to hire someone who seems rude or difficult during the interview process, managers should beware of choosing someone just because they seem like a good fit at first sight. It takes weeks or even months to get to know an employee’s true personality in many cases. 


Too Much Focus on Personal Chemistry

It’s natural to want to work alongside people who share your views and sense of humor. However, hiring based on a perception of personal chemistry doesn’t always work out in your company’s favor. In fact, this habit leads to companies with homogenous makeups, as managers tend to choose workers who look like them or come from similar backgrounds. For best results, strive to find the best person for the job regardless of chemistry.


Less Innovation

Companies that focus too much on personal connections with hires tend to wind up with less diverse workforces, and the result can be problematic. In fact, studies show that these practices result in less innovation. If you want your company to be at the forefront of your field, aim to hire a diverse group of people with different skills and abilities. 


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