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Just because your hiring managers don’t think they’re biased doesn’t mean they’re making objective choices. On the contrary, most people have unconscious beliefs that influence their feelings and choices. At Accurate Personnel, we know that diversity is one of the keys to successful staffing. With that in mind, here are some of our top tips to help companies avoid bias when making hiring decisions. 


1. Train Staff

Good intentions aren’t enough in the world of hiring. If you truly want to improve your staff’s quality and diversity, you need to train your employees to conduct better interviews. Start by reminding your HR team that we all have biases, even if we aren’t consciously aware of them. You may want to hold a yearly (or biannual) seminar to help teammates better identify these thoughts and feelings so they can avoid them going forward.


2. Use Objective Measures

One of the best ways to avoid bias in hiring is to evaluate employees objectively. Consider using a skills assessment like a short test or demonstration to give prospective hires the opportunity to showcase their skills. You should also have a rubric in place so hiring managers know how to properly evaluate the assessment. 


3. Review Resumes Blind

Want to avoid the temptation to judge employees by factors other than skill? Start evaluating resumes without names. Resume blinding software removes names and other demographic details before you can see them.


4. Diversify Your Panel

If you want to bring in a more diverse group of employees, you should diversify the people doing the hiring. For best results, make sure the panel includes individuals of different genders, races, and ethnic backgrounds. If you only have one person on the HR team, they’re more likely to choose workers who look like them.


Find Your Next Great Employee Today

Hiring a qualified, diverse workforce is one of the best ways to keep your company competitive in 2021 and beyond. Ready to find your next top employee? Contact our team today or submit a job offer online. We look forward to helping you staff your business for success.


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