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We’ve all been there. Browsing the listings on or Indeed, you find your dream job only to discover you don’t have the requisite experience. While seeing a laundry list of job requirements can be stressful and disheartening, it’s worth noting that companies can and often do hire people who don’t possess every single skill on the list. With that in mind, it’s often worth taking a chance and applying for the job anyway. Here are some tips for landing the job you desire, even if you don’t fully meet the listing requirements. 


Consider Transferable Skills

Just because you don’t meet each and every one of an employer’s job requirements doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for the role. On the contrary, if you have comparable experience, it’s probably worth sending in your resume. You can always use your cover letter to explain how easily transferable the education and skills you possess. 


Be Enthusiastic

Not sure your skills are a match for the job? Sometimes you can make up for lack of experience with enthusiasm. Cover letters and interviews offer great opportunities to showcase your qualifications. Let the hiring manager know you’re passionate about the job and eager to show what you can do. 


Look to Your Network

Scoring that interview is often the hardest part of the hiring process. Still, you can more easily get your foot in the door if you know someone at the company. If you find a job, you’re excited about but aren’t sure you meet the on-paper requirements, start by turning to your network on LinkedIn and social media. You might just find someone who works at the business or has a friend who does. 


Trust Accurate Personnel to Help With Your Job Search

Don’t be discouraged by lengthy job descriptions. Even if you don’t meet each and every requirement on the list, you might still have a solid shot of landing the position. For help finding lucrative jobs in your chosen field, call today, or contact us online. You can also search for available positions on our website.


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