Having the right data is crucial for succeeding in any industry, and modern workplace analytics are making it easier than ever to access the necessary information. In particular, analytics can help boost productivity in a warehouse setting. Whether you’re looking to avoid understocking or improve customer service and retention, here are six ways in which workplace analytics can help you achieve your goals. 


1. Team Management

Do your employees squabble more than they work? Data analytics can help warehouse managers assess their workers’ relationships and determine which teammates should be partnered up versus kept apart. 


2. Demand Visibility

Warehouses need data to keep accurate track of their inventory. With analytics, companies can avoid both stock-outs and overbuying. The end result is lowered costs and less wasted product at the facility.


3. Inventory Locating

Does your team struggle to find inventory in a timely fashion? If so, your operation speed is likely suffering. Better data can help reduce wasted time while improving accuracy and efficacy at your warehouse. 


4. Information Transparency

Running a successful warehouse is about more than getting inventory out the door. You also have to track when items are received, picked, and sent. Data analytics can help better manage information and inventory at your company.


5. Better Hiring

Are you losing your best warehouse workers to the competition? Data can help with hiring and retention by identifying common causes of turnover. For example, you might notice that your employees tend to get overworked and quit at the same time every year.


6. Better Marketing

A business’s success depends on its ability to serve its target customer base. With analytics, you can better assess what your clients need and want.


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