Has your company been losing its best people to competitors? If so, the problem might go beyond salary and benefits. In fact, many businesses find that an inferior onboarding process costs them their top talent. Read on for some of Accurate Personnel’s top tips on keeping your best teammates for the long haul.


1. Overloading Your New Hires

How are you treating your employees on Day One? If you’re overburdening them with forms and manuals, you might find yourself losing top team members to the competition. After all, workers are naturally a little anxious on the first day. The savviest companies give these new employees time to adjust rather than throwing them straight into the deep end. 


2. Focusing Only on the Job

Your company is about more than the work you do. When onboarding new teammates, it’s crucial to introduce them to all aspects of the business, including the company culture, mission statement, and long-term goals. For best results, take time to help new hires connect with their fellow employees. That way, they’ll start to feel like a member of the team. 


3. Not Leaving Room for Questions

Onboarding isn’t just about introducing your business to your employees. You also want to give your workers time to ask questions as they adapt to their new surroundings. When onboarding teammates, schedule plenty of meetings with supervisors and colleagues. You should also set up opportunities for new hires to learn and communicate offline, so they aren’t just staring at a computer screen their whole first day. 


Make Accurate Personnel Your Choice for Hiring

Are you searching for the best employees in the industrial, hospitality, or professional fields? If so, Accurate Personnel is the solution to your staffing woes. We specialize in finding and recruiting the most in-demand workers and matching them with the right companies and positions. For more on what we do, call today or contact our team online.


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