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It’s no secret that your business is only as strong as the people you employ. However, you can’t hope to build a better team if you don’t make recruitment a focus. At Accurate Personnel, we specialize in helping companies craft effective recruitment strategies to find top workers and keep them for the long haul. Keep reading for some of our best tips on developing a strategy guaranteed to meet your company’s needs now and in the future. 


1. Talk to Your Teammates

If you’re leaving all your hiring decisions up to HR, you might be making a serious mistake. After all, your human resources team isn’t in the trenches with your staff every day, and they might not know exactly what’s needed. If you want your company to grow and succeed, it pays to talk to your team and gather their insights before bringing on a new worker. 


2. Turn to Social Media

These days, people aren’t just using social media to connect with friends and loved ones or shop for new clothes. On the contrary, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have become crucial tools in recruitment. As a hiring manager, you can look for opportunities to find and connect with the kinds of employees you’re seeking on social. Additionally, you can share fun details about your business and the people who work there to attract top candidates. 


3. Consider Your Application System

Once you’ve found your target candidates on Facebook and other sites, you need to make it easy for them to apply for positions. Rather than relying on the same old job boards, use the Facebook Job Postings function and other applicant tracking systems so searchers can apply quickly and easily. The goal is to get them to send in their resumes before they forget about you and move on to the next employer.


4. Rethink Your Requirements

Of course, making it easy for candidates to apply is only half the battle for recruitment. You also have to sift through the applications to find the best potential workers. If you aren’t attracting the kinds of candidates you desire, you might also have to rethink your goals and requirements. Just because a worker doesn’t have an Ivy League education or experience in a particular skill doesn’t mean they aren’t a great candidate. The goal is to find passionate, trainable people who are willing to go the extra mile for your business. 


Find the Best Candidates With Help From Accurate Personnel 

Unlike other companies, Accurate doesn’t resort to one-size-fits-all hiring solutions. On the contrary, we locate the best workers in the light industrial, hospitality, administrative, and IT fields and match them with the perfect companies. Whether you’re looking for temporary staffing solutions or full-time direct hires, call today or contact our experts online.


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