8 Effective Ways to Help Your Team Increase Productivity

It’s not just customer service employees who need to be good with others. On the contrary, just about every worker could benefit from sharpening their people skills. After all, you might communicate with multiple groups on a daily basis, including supervisors, teammates, customers, and suppliers. Here are some tips for dealing with people more effectively so you can achieve your professional goals now and in the future. 

1. Practice Active Listening

Whatever your field, listening is a vital skill likely to serve you well. Whether you’re working in customer service or another industry, make an effort to listen closely to the person on the other end of the phone. Be sure to ask whatever questions are necessary to figure out how to help and end the conversation with a summary of what was discussed. This tactic helps avoid confusion and mistakes down the line. 

2. Work on Your Tech Skills

Fixing tech problems is a crucial component of customer service. Moreover, a lack of technological understanding can impede your ability to help people in a timely fashion. After all, many companies use live chat and other tech features to solve customers’  problems. If you don’t understand how to fix tech problems quickly, they’re likely to feel like you’re wasting their time. 

3. Focus on the Fix

Most people contact customer service with a specific problem, and employees who focus on correcting that issue quickly tend to get the best ratings. For best results, stay focused on the big picture even if customers are letting emotion get in the way of their communication. Your goal is to find solutions as quickly as possible without losing your cool. 

4. Admit Errors

Customer service professionals shouldn’t be afraid to say that they’re sorry — whether or not they made the initial mistake. Even if someone else in your company is responsible for the issue, don’t be afraid to apologize for the inconvenience and express sympathy for what the client is going through. Then, focus on what you can do now to make things better. 

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