These days, technology plays a vital role in just about every business. So, it’s no surprise that almost every company is looking for people with IT skills to help them succeed. Unfortunately, the fact that tech professionals are in high demand means finding the right ones for your team is often easier said than done. At Accurate Personnel, we specialize in finding workers for a wide range of administrative work and IT roles. Here are some of our top resume must-haves when searching for tech talent in 2021:

1. Social Media 

You don’t have to hire a social media manager to find an employee who’s comfortable on Facebook. After all, in today’s world, just about all workers should possess some degree of social media savvy to ensure they aren’t posting anything inappropriate. As a bonus, workers skilled in this area can help you promote the company and its initiatives on their personal accounts. 

2. Emailing

It’s not enough for IT employees to be good at fixing tech problems. They also need to excel at emailing coworkers and clients. After all, email is a staple in just about any business, and workers need to be comfortable using multiple email platforms and composing effective, professional messages that get their points across. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a successful business that doesn’t have a website. When searching for new IT employees, it’s a good idea to look for candidates who have some degree of experience in SEO. Also known as search engine optimization, SEO refers to the process of enhancing a company’s web presence so customers can find the information and products they’re seeking. Additionally, the best tech workers are familiar with search engine marketing and Google Analytics. 

4. Data Analysis

Data is everything in today’s technologically sophisticated world. To that end, companies need to hire IT pros with the skill to gather and interpret data. Additionally, top employees have the written and verbal ability needed to disseminate this information to others in the company. 

Count on Accurate to Help With Your Hiring

At Accurate Personnel, we understand that hiring talented tech workers is easier said than done. To that end, we’re passionate about helping companies find the type and quantity of employees they need. Ready to get started? Call today or contact us online to submit a job offer. We look forward to helping your business achieve its goals.


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