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Ghosting doesn’t just happen in romantic relationships. On the contrary, an increasing number of companies report dealing with ghosting as part of their recruitment efforts. Not only are candidates disappearing after an interview, but some would-be employees are accepting a job offer and then neglecting to show up to work. At Accurate Personnel, we’re passionate about helping companies find the best and most reliable workers for all their open positions. Read on to discover these strategies to combat candidate ghosting and help your business succeed.

Be Transparent About the Timeline

One of the top reasons job candidates ghost is that they’ve moved on to another opportunity. After all, people can’t wait weeks or months to find gainful employment. If your company tends to take its time with hiring decisions, that delay might be the source of your ghosting problem. Correct this issue by being transparent about your hiring timeline and letting workers know when they can expect to hear back. 

Make the Right Offer

Some candidates are simply in higher demand when it comes to the job market. If you’re going after these exceptionally skilled workers, then you need to offer a competitive salary and benefits. Along with traditional perks like health insurance, today’s top workers are looking for flexible work schedules, tuition reimbursement, and more opportunities for professional development. 

Don’t Wait Too Long

Did you know that more than half of all job candidates accept the first offer they receive? If your company is waiting too long to choose a candidate, there’s a good chance your first choice will have moved on — and they might not bother to email and tell you. For best results, strive to make a decision and extend a verbal offer within a few days of the last round of interviews. 

Contact Accurate Personnel for Staffing Made Simple

Finding talented, dedicated workers is easier said than done. At Accurate Personnel, we want to ensure your company has access to the best employees, as well as the tactics needed to prevent ghosting and other practices that can harm your business. For help finding temporary or permanent workers and keeping them for the long haul, call today or contact our team online.


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