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As COVID continues to shape both society and the professional world, the modern jobseeker’s goals are also evolving. After all, many employees have grown accustomed to telecommuting rather than going into an office every day. Additionally, workers are seeking different job benefits as they deal with new challenges stemming from the pandemic. Keep reading to discover what benefits today’s employees are prioritizing and how you can continue to draw your company’s best candidates. 

Paid Time Off

These days, many Americans are dealing with new responsibilities such as homeschooling kids, caring for ill family members, or simply trying to maintain a good work-life balance during a trying time. So it’s no surprise that paid time off is the top benefit desired by today’s workforce. If you want to stay competitive and attract more of the best job candidates, it pays to focus on your PTO benefits. 

Mental Health Coverage

Speaking of work-life balance, stress and other mental health issues have become increasingly common in the last year. To that end, a large number of workers are seeking a healthcare plan with plenty of coverage for mental health. Additionally, companies should ensure that the insurance providers they choose offer telehealth, as patients are often choosing this option over in-person visits. 

Flexible Scheduling

Employees are busier than ever, making flexible work schedules a necessity. If you want to bring in the best and brightest, consider offering job candidates the option to work from home occasionally or shift their houses to accommodate school schedules and other responsibilities. There’s a good chance this perk will draw the most desirable employees away from the competition and help put your business in a better position. 

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