It doesn’t matter how committed your company is to safety if your employees don’t share your determination. While you can’t always protect accidents from happening, there are steps you can take to reduce the odds of an incident occurring on your watch, and that starts with hiring safer workers. Keep reading to discover the top five questions to ask to ensure you’re finding talented employees with a commitment to staying safe.

1. How Would You Describe Your Working Style?

It pays to know how your employees work best. To ensure the safest workforce, take time to ask how candidates prefer to do their jobs. While it’s fine for employees to enjoy working independently, the best prospects can also collaborate and take direction to ensure the safety and success of the team.

2. What’s Your Ideal Work Environment?

Similarly, savvy employers ask candidates about their preferred type of work environment. The most successful teammates will likely be ones who can adapt to your existing culture. On the other hand, employees who prefer a different setting or management style might not be as willing to abide by your safety standards and guidelines. 

3. What Are Your Hobbies Outside Work?

Hobbies might not give you a complete picture of a potential employee. However, you can get a sense of a candidate’s interests and assess how well they’re meld with your existing team. In general, a company is going to be safest when employees are communicating regularly and working as a team, and you want to know that a new worker will fit in well with the culture. 

4. What Values Are Important to You in the Workplace?

Employees who demonstrate a commitment to safety tend to be the ones who care most about their fellow workers. If a candidate seems to connect with the culture of a business and appreciate its values, there’s a better chance that they’ll go above and beyond to protect their teammates. 

5. How Do You Handle Difficult Situations?

It’s not always possible to avoid dangerous situations on the job. In the event that a problem does arise, you want to know that your teammates can handle it with aplomb. For best results, ask candidates to describe a difficult issue and how they worked to resolve it safely and effectively.

Keep Your Workplace Safe With Help From Accurate Personnel

At Accurate Personnel, we go above and beyond to protect both employees and employers. Whether you need help finding great workers or screening them to ensure they can handle tough situations with ease, Accurate’s experienced staffers are there for you every step of the way. For more on what we do, call today or contact our experts online.


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