Attributes to Look for in a Good Supervisor

It’s hard for employees to be productive if they lack the proper motivation. If your teammates are struggling to hit quotas or meet deadlines, the problem might be that you’re micromanaging them or failing to provide sufficient attention and assistance. Fortunately, there are ways to correct this issue and get your employees back on target. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s top tips for finding balance while managing your team. 

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Your employees are unlikely to be productive if they feel like all they do is work. After all, you can’t fully commit yourself to the job if you’re constantly worried about neglecting responsibilities at home. One of the best ways to help your team find balance is to encourage them to set boundaries. That means going home on time each day and not answering calls or emails after hours. 

Be Appreciative

It’s hard to do your job if you feel unappreciated or undervalued. Luckily, companies can take steps to show workers they care. Along with saying the occasional well-deserved thank you, hiring managers can acknowledge employees’ efforts with rewards like gift cards, bonuses, and the ability to work from home once a week. 

Avoid Micromanaging

No one likes feeling as though their boss doesn’t trust them. If you want to boost productivity among teammates, make an effort to show you have faith in their abilities. While it’s fine (and necessary) to offer feedback now and then, make sure you’re including plenty of praise along with the criticism. The goal is to teach your employees while empowering them to make their own choices moving forward. When you do find talented employees with the skill to succeed, promote them to higher positions as motivation to keep doing their best. 

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Hiring Needs

At Accurate Personnel, we provide expert staffing services for a wide array of industries. Whether you’re looking for  warehouse, tech, administrative, or professional employees, the team at Accurate can find you the perfect worker the first time, every time. For more on how we can help, call today or contact our team online. We look forward to boosting your business’ bottom line.


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