Keeping Warehouse Safe

Manufacturing is big business. Unfortunately, many top companies are facing a serious shortage when it comes to talent. Not only are hiring managers competing for top candidates, but they’re also struggling to find workers with the technical know-how needed to succeed in the current industry. The good news is that your manufacturing business can stand out from the pack, provided that you have the tools needed to attract the best people. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s top secrets for successful recruitment.

1. Share Stories

Advertising for manufacturing positions isn’t all about facts and figures. On the contrary, sharing human stories can go a long way toward boosting your recruitment results. In particular, companies get far by sharing day-in-the-life stories and testimonials from their employees. The goal is to show workers that your company is a fun place to be and that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. 

2. Focus on Safety

The manufacturing industry can be dangerous, and it’s up to companies to protect their workers’ well-being. One of the best ways to increase your pool of talented applicants is to showcase your commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment. This focus on wellness should be a part of your company’s branding and appear on your website and social media pages.

3. Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to find top job candidates is to ask your best workers. After all, you know that these people have the integrity and skill to succeed. While most employees willingly recommend their friends for job opportunities, it never hurts to offer referral incentives in the form of cash bonuses or even a day off from work. 

4. Pre-Screen Potential Workers

Manufacturing companies often find themselves in need of talent quickly. Reduce staffing shortages by pre-screening workers to expedite the hiring process. The right recruitment company will have tested screening processes in place to ensure potential hires are up to the task before you spend time interviewing them. 

Find the Right Manufacturing Employees Today

You’re not on your own when it comes to finding top manufacturing talent. At Accurate Personnel, we specialize in finding the best employees the first time, every time. To start the process, simply submit a job offer letting us know the number of employees you need and what qualifications they should possess. Then let us do the rest. We look forward to being your staffing partner for years to come.


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