Working the third shift frequently gets a bad reputation. Also known as graveyard employees, third shift workers generally show up to their jobs around midnight and get off by seven or eight in the morning. While working a third shift schedule certainly takes some adjustment, the truth is that this career option offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the top perks associated with working nights, courtesy of the team at Accurate Personnel. 

1. Make More Money

One of the biggest benefits of third-shift work is the possibility to earn a higher salary. Because working nights is generally considered inconvenient, companies are often willing to pay a premium. Additionally, they may offer additional benefits to get candidates in the door. 

2. Cut Down Your Commute

No one likes being stuck in traffic. One of the perks of nightwork is that commutes tend to be less congested. So you can spend more time at home with loved ones and less in the car getting road rage.

3. Minimize Micromanagement

There aren’t many workers who enjoy being micromanaged. Because of the inconvenience factor, fewer managers are on staff for third-shift positions. As a result, workers may enjoy more autonomy to do their jobs. 

4. Work Distraction Free

Do you tend to get distracted at work? If you don’t like coworkers stopping by your cubicle at all hours, a third-shift position may be ideal. In fact, many graveyard employees find that they accomplish more in less time. 

5. Go Back to School

Do you dream of furthering your education? If you accept a position working nights, it may give you the flexibility to take a class or two in the afternoon. This benefit is rarely afforded to those working a traditional 9 to 5. 

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