Recruiting during COVID

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 epidemic has forced businesses around the world to adjust their operating practices. In particular, the virus has resulted in new challenges for the light industrial sector, with manufacturers scrambling to adjust their workforce policies and supply chain systems. At Accurate Personnel, we’re passionate about helping a wide range of businesses succeed and grow. Here are some of the biggest lessons this pandemic has taught employers in the industrial sector.

1. Remote Work

To keep employees and customers safe, many light industrial businesses turned to remote work options and telecommuting. Along with allowing for social distancing, this policy can help save companies money post-COVID by reducing the need for office space. 

2. Virtual Site Visits

In the past, companies frequently brought customers onsite for visits. However, in the time of COVID, businesses increasingly turned to virtual options. This policy protects both employee and client while reducing the amount of time people spend commuting. 

3. Digital Tech

In light of today’s challenges, businesses are seeking ways to accomplish tasks faster. Digital technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, and AI can all help light industrial companies achieve their goals in less time. 

4. Increased Automation

Speaking of automation, robotics is one crucial way that light industrial companies are tightening their belts. As a bonus, these options make the workplace safer for both employees and customers and help optimize product quality. 

5. Greater Redundancies

It’s hard to know when the next business challenge may arise. By putting redundancies in place now, light industrial companies can ensure that they get products and services out the door no matter what life throws their way. 

Don’t Settle for Less Qualified Staff Members

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