Management Skills

It’s no secret that salary is one of the most significant factors for job selection. After all, most people today are working to live rather than living to work. However, modern light industrial employees are looking for other perks and benefits as well. If monetary incentives are off the table for your company, consider some of the other ways to attract top talent and keep your best employees loyal. 

Remote Work Options

There are various reasons that employees may be interested in a remote work option. Not only does telecommuting let workers skip out on a long commute, but it also keeps them out of the office while COVID remains a threat. If you want to offer your best teammates a non-monetary incentive to stay loyal, the flexibility to work at home might be just the way to go. 

Acknowledgment and Recognition

Most employees like hearing that they did a good job. If you want to improve employee morale, take time to acknowledge and reward top workers. You can thank them with notes and emails, public praise, or even gift cards or lunches with the boss. The goal is to find small yet meaningful ways of showing your appreciation. 

Time Off

After the stresses of the last year, work-life balance is more important than ever. Consider celebrating your best teammates by offering them an extra day off. The chance to get a free day’s vacation might just be enough to cut turnover rates and keep your best staff members happy and loyal. Can’t afford to give workers a whole day off? Offer your top people the chance to leave early on Fridays or work from home one day a week.

Make Accurate Personnel Your Partner in Hiring

For light industrial staffing, Accurate Personnel offers services that are a cut above. We consistently deliver top talent while helping you prevent excessive overtime charges, limit turnover, and ensure the workforce matches demand. For more on what we do, call today or contact our team online. We look forward to meeting you.


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