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When was the last time you took a good hard look at your onboarding strategy? If you’ve been using the same methods and strategies for years, and experiencing less than stellar results, it might be a sign that your current system isn’t getting the job down. At Accurate Personnel, we want to help you hold on to your top employees longer. Here are some indications that your onboarding process needs improvement, along with tips to correct the problem. 

1. You Don’t Tailor Your Onboarding Program to the Employee

Tell us if this sounds familiar: when a new employee starts, you hand them a pile of orientation documents and call it a day. Not only does this waste an employee’s time — after all, not all teammates need access to the same information — but it’s also bound to leave them feeling confused and overwhelmed. For best results, make sure workers are getting the information most relevant to them and their ability to do the job. 

2. Your Employees Seem Confused

Do you sometimes lose employees within days or weeks of hiring them? Do your new workers seem unsure about their responsibilities? If so, it might be time to rethink your onboarding system. Companies have a bad habit of planting new hires in front of a computer to learn about their roles to save time. However, many businesses find that it’s better to assign new workers a mentor. Doing this helps employees fit in both professionally and socially. 

3. You Haven’t Updated Your Program

Your business probably doesn’t operate the same way today as it did ten years ago. So it’s only logical that your onboarding should adapt to the times. Instruct your HR team to work with department heads to ensure all onboarding documentation is relevant and up to date. Doing this saves your employees time while letting them rest assured that your business is technologically sophisticated and efficient. 

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