Talent shortages mean that even the best companies are scrambling to find top employees. Fortunately, there are steps businesses can take to attract talent and lure workers away from the competition. Here are four creative ways to solve the staffing shortage, courtesy of the team at Accurate Personnel.

Utilize Social Media

If you aren’t using your social media pages for recruitment, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to attract top talent. Facebook and Instagram posts are great for advertising jobs and promoting your company culture. For example, you might want to highlight your business’ charitable endeavors over the holidays or talk about the programs and benefits available to employees. Encourage your teammates to share your posts on their own social media to increase your reach.

Try Radio Ads

Think radio ads are old-fashioned? On the contrary, radio and podcast commercials offer a great opportunity to promote your brand and your workplace. As a bonus, people often listen to these programs while driving or exercising, so you’ll have a captive audience to convey your message.

Increase Content Marketing

Content is king, and that doesn’t just apply to selling products and services. In fact, content marketing is an incredibly effective way to solve staffing shortages and draw in applicants. The more blogs, videos, and posts you generate, the more chances you’ll have to reach prospective employees. Be sure to reshare posts so each piece of content is doing the most it can to bolster your business.

Get Technical

Data and automation are playing a role in all areas of the workplace, and employment is no exception. Maximize your hiring efforts by using automated software to post job ads, email responses, and review resumes.

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Hiring

You don’t have to settle for subpar employees who aren’t up to the job. At Accurate Personnel, we go above and beyond to connect your business with top candidates for all your open positions. Reach out to us online for staffing help or call to make an appointment with our team. We look forward to your business joining the Accurate family. 

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