Of course, companies should take steps to show their appreciation to employees every day of the year. However, if you haven’t been going above and beyond to say thanks, the holiday season is a great time to step up your efforts. Not only does giving back inspire your teammates to do their best, but it also prevents them from abandoning you for the competition. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips for celebrating your employees over the holidays without breaking your budget.

Make a Public Announcement

Employees deserve recognition when they go above and beyond in the service of your business. If you can’t afford to give them a raise or holiday bonus this year, consider making a public announcement to show them their efforts weren’t in vain. Saying thank you in front of others allows your workers a moment in the spotlight. Feel free to make this announcement on Zoom or another video chatting software if your office is still remote.

Gift Days Off

Who couldn’t use an extra day off during the holidays? Extra vacation days (or opportunities to telecommute) offer a great way for companies to say thanks. For best results, set rules ahead of time so workers know when and how to schedule these gifted days off. The last thing you want is for multiple employees to take off at the same time and leave you understaffed.

Host a Free Lunch

Free food is always appreciated. If you want to show your employees you care, consider hosting a special lunch or happy hour to celebrate the season. You can hold the event in the office or arrange for everyone to meet at a restaurant or bar. Consider putting up some holiday decorations and inviting workers to participate in a Secret Santa or other low-cost gift exchange.

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