A recent survey by Harvard Business School reveals that 94 percent of employees work 50 hours or more per week. So, it’s no surprise that a majority of Americans aren’t getting the rest and relaxation they need to enjoy life. If you’re struggling to find a balance, know that you aren’t alone. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips on mastering the art of work-life balance for the coming year. 

Don’t Answer Your Email 

One of the best ways to draw a clear line between work time and playtime is to avoid answering your email after hours. Make it a point to turn off phone notifications and shut your laptop at a certain time every night. Not only does this give you the opportunity to rest and recharge every day, but it also shows your family and friends that you value your time with them.

Get Some Exercise

When was the last time you hit the gym or went for a jog in the park? If you’re not getting enough exercise, you might find that your stress level is higher. For best results, strive to schedule time for physical activity at least three days a week.

Determine Your Priorities

There are only so many hours in the day, and achieving a positive work-life balance requires you to figure out your priorities. If you aren’t spending enough quality time with family and loved ones, then you may need to adjust your workload. On the other hand, you may decide that certain social obligations aren’t at the top of your to-do list. Don’t be afraid to eliminate those tasks and responsibilities that don’t bring you joy.

Take Time Off

If you’re feeling stressed, the problem might be that you aren’t taking all the time off you’re owed. In fact, a 2018 study revealed that 55 percent of Americans don’t use all their vacation days. If you want to feel more balanced, don’t hesitate to take the occasional day off to relax or pursue leisure activities.

Focus on Health

It’s hard to succeed in your professional or personal life if you’re neglecting your health. Along with exercising, individuals should get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, workers should take time off when they’re sick. When you stay home, you recover faster and avoid infecting colleagues and clients — something everyone will appreciate. 

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