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It’s no secret that productivity tends to suffer during this time of year. Not only are workers distracted by the excitement of the holiday season, but they’re also rushing to prepare for guests and pick out presents for everyone on their list. Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to keep staff productive. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips for managing employees during the holidays.

Encourage Breaks

While you don’t have to give your workers the whole month of December off, it’s a good idea to encourage employees to take breaks during the holidays and beyond. Doing this shows staff you care while allowing them to focus on work without distraction. 

Allow for Personal Time

Employees are going to need extra time to accomplish personal tasks from time to time. If you want them to be productive when they’re at work, be sure to allow them to take personal days as needed. Avoid making workers feel guilty for taking the vacation or sick days they request — after all, they earned this time and deserve it. 

Be Realistic

The end of the year tends to be busy, and it’s easy for tasks to fall through the cracks. This issue is particularly problematic if you aren’t being realistic about what your workers can achieve. As a supervisor, you can manage expectations by being honest about how much your company can take on and providing reasonable due dates. The last thing you want is to overpromise something and wind up having to apologize to a client.

Let Workers Telecommute

Telecommuting is a great option for keeping workers productive over the holidays. Allow reliable employees to work from their houses now and then. That way, they can do their jobs while being at home to receive packages or run errands during their lunch hours.

Host a Special Gathering

Your teammates work hard for you all year and deserve special recognition over the holidays. Show them you appreciate their efforts by hosting a fun gathering to celebrate the season. You can have a party at the office or rent out a restaurant or event space. Just be sure to set clear expectations regarding alcohol consumption ahead of time. The last thing you want is to have to deal with intoxicated workers.

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