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The end of the year comes with numerous stressors. Not only do you have to prep for the holidays, buying gifts and groceries for family get-togethers, but you also likely have various projects to wrap up at work. As a manager, it’s key that you set an example for teammates at this time of year. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s top managerial tips for end-of-year success.


Offer Flexibility

The holidays are stressful for most people, and your employees are no exception. To that end, the best managers try to exercise some flexibility at this time of year. If employees can work from home, allow them to do so to accommodate kids’ vacation dates, deliveries, and other seasonal issues. Doing this shows workers you care while building goodwill toward your business. The end result is that they can concentrate more fully on their work because they don’t have to worry about problems at home. 


Don’t Wait to Deal With Problems

No one wants to start trouble at the happiest time of year. However, it’s a mistake to leave problems for the New Year. If your employees are having a conflict — or you feel that one of your teammates isn’t meeting their goals — aim to discuss the issue right away. After all, miscommunications tend to escalate. For best results, address problems quickly and efficiently to ensure the work environment is a positive one.


Look for Ways to Give Back

It’s all well and good to host an office gift exchange or happy hour at your neighborhood bar. However, if you’re looking to set a positive example, seek out ways that your company and workers can give back to the community. For example, you could organize an opportunity for workers to volunteer at a soup kitchen or bring in toys for local kids. The goal is to get everyone in the holiday spirit.


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