Looking to make a career change in 2022? The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for talented workers to achieve their goals. You just have to ensure your resume reflects all your skills and abilities. When it comes to today’s hiring practices, metrics are essential for standing out. Here are five key metrics to include if you want to elevate your resume for the New Year.



Numbers speak volumes in the world of recruitment. With that in mind, those seeking new employment in 2022 should look for ways to promote their sales history. For example, you could include numbers related to revenue increases month to month or year to year. Similarly, you could discuss how many sales you made over a period of time. 


Process Optimization

Just about any job offers workers the opportunity to boost performance and productivity. With that in mind, it pays to list ways you optimized existing processes on your resume. Maybe you created new organizational systems or wrote documentation to help train new employees. Include this info on your resume to boost your odds of getting the job. 



Did you supervise teammates in a previous role? If so, it’s important to include this info on your resume. After all, companies like to know that candidates can excel in numerous positions. If you have experience training or leading a team, don’t hesitate to promote it.



Businesses are impressed by innovation. To that end, it’s valuable to list any career “firsts” on your resume. For example, maybe you helped your company launch a new product or offered a service for the first time. 


Attention to Detail

Hiring managers know that attention to detail is what separates average workers from the all-stars. Be specific on your resume by mentioning a time you caught a mistake or fixed an error before it could impact the bottom line. 


Find Your Next Great Job Opportunity

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