5 Must-Have Skills for Succeeding in Your Production Role


Production employees have a key role to play in running a safe and effective warehouse. To that end, it’s only logical that production workers need to possess certain traits to succeed in this role. Keep reading to discover the five must-have skills for production job seekers and learn how you can better your odds of… Read more »

Hiring Better Customer-Facing Employees


Just about every company needs employees on hand to interact with customers. Unfortunately, not all workers are created equal in this regard. If you want to ensure clients continue to choose your business over the competition, you need to choose employees who are up to the task. Here are Accurate Personnel’s top tips on selecting… Read more »

Advantages of Hiring Internally


Advantages to Hiring Internally

When a position becomes available at your company, you might have the instinct to embark on an extensive job search, posting listings online and reaching out to headhunters. While there’s nothing wrong with using your network, many businesses neglect to look for employees in the most obvious place: their own employee pool. The truth is… Read more »