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A Day in the Life of Edwin Munoz: Energizing Accurate Personnel's Glendale Heights Office with Efficiency and Enthusiasm

​​"Meet Edwin Munoz, Senior Account Manager at Accurate Personnel's Glendale Heights, IL branch. He joined the AP team back in July 2022, bringing with him a background in staffing and a strong des...

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A Day in the Life of Chance Rose: Keyboard Craftsman and Barista Extraordinaire

​"Deep within the technological trenches that are Accurate Personnel’s IT office, Chance Rose sits among the chaos of cables and keyboards in his workplace sanctuary. The Systems Administrator at A...

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A Day in the Life of Vanessa Santoscoy: Staffing Star, Soccer Mom, and Savvy Strategist

​"Meet Vanessa Santoscoy, recruiting ace, staffing extraordinaire, and Senior Account Manager at Accurate Personnel - Ontario. Vanessa is a leading contributor for the AP team, filling key high-vol...

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A Day in the Life of Abraham Ramos-Santos: A Symphony of Staffing, Artistry, and Achievement

​"Meet Abraham Ramos-Santos, the wizard behind the curtain at Accurate Personnel's Indianapolis branch. If you ever find yourself in need of someone who can balance the chaos of staffing with the f...

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Drew Wesley: Pioneering Safety Excellence at Accurate Personnel

"Drew emphasizes the pivotal role of a commitment to safety in creating a healthy work environment. The core principle that no company should knowingly put its employees at risk underscores Accurat...

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​John Gonnella and Accurate Personnel: A Winning Formula for Safety and Well-being

"Accurate Personnel's success in winning the MRMH Award is not just a recognition of their commitment to safety but also a testament to the collaborative efforts of individuals like John Gonnella, ...

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Accurate Personnel Celebrates MRMH Award Victory with a Focus on Safety and Employee Well-being

"At Accurate, our primary goal is to provide top-tier industry-leading staffing solutions to meet the needs of our clients, while creating a safe and healthy environment for our associates. Additio...

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A Day in the Life of Debbie DelSanto: Disney, Dogs, and a Dash of DIY

​"Debbie's workspace is a vibrant mix of professionalism and Disney enchantment. Dual monitors, Post-It Notes galore, and a monthly planner that holds all the secrets to keeping clients happy at th...

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Introducing Stretch Hire: Revolutionizing Semi-Skilled Hiring for Your Company

"But what exactly is Stretch Hire, you may ask? Well, it's the ultimate solution tailored for those semi-skilled positions within the $20 to $34 per hour range. These are roles where locating quali...

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A Day in the Life of Marie Rodriguez: Direct Hire Gold Mines, Double Plays, and a Dash of Delectable Delights

"Meet Marie Rodriguez, the unstoppable force behind Accurate Personnel's Elgin Branch. With six years of dedicated service at Accurate and an impressive 16 years in the staffing world, Marie is not...

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​Company Values: The Magnetic Force for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

"At Accurate, we can point to these clients and communities that we’ve built long-standing relationships with. Honesty and trust are integral elements of any business relationship that is built to ...

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A Day in the Life of Jorge Guevara: Finding the Beauty in Life, One Steel-Toe Shoe at a Time

"Amidst the paperwork and tasks, Jorge's desk tells its own story. Pinned between family photos, you'll find a collection of stickers, each proclaiming a simple yet powerful message: YOU ARE BEAUTI...